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Below are some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to contact me.

General questions

Q     Where are you located?
A      My office and therapy room is located  in Carrington, Nottingham.  Easily accessible by car and public transport. 

Q     What are your working hours?
A     My office availability is: Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.

Q     Are you fully Qualified?
A      Yes, I graduated from the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute with a BSc(hons) in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy. The course is accredited with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). I further graduated with a MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy from The Sherwood Institute. This Masters degree is accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am individually accredited by UKCP in addition.
In addition to this,  I have completed training in Couples Counselling.
I also undertake regular continuous professional development.

Q     Are you a member of a professional organisation?
A     Yes.  I am an accredited member of the UKCP and I am listed on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy register.  For more information about me please see the About me page.

Individual & Couples therapy questions

Q    Will I have to wait for an appointment for counselling?
A     You will usually be offered a first appointment straight away.  If I’m unable to take on new clients at the time of your enquiry, I’ll let you know.

Q     How long does an individual therapy session last?
A     All individual sessions last for 50 minutes. A Couples session lasts for one hour.

Q     What happens in an individual therapy session?
A     When we meet for the first time you can talk about what brings you to therapy and what you would like to get out of it.  We can agree a  timeframe for our work together.  At each subsequent session you use the time how you want, to explore your situation, thoughts, and feelings.

Q     How long will the individual therapy take overall?
A     There is no absolute answer to this question because everyone is different.  At our first meeting together we can discuss the length of counselling (I offer short and long term work) and we can review this as the work progresses.

Q     What happens if I arrive late to an individual therapy session?
A     The session lasts 50 minutes from the agreed start time.  If you arrive late, the finish time is still as pre-arranged.  e.g.  if the agreed start time is 6pm and you arrive at 6:15pm, it would still finish at 6:50pm.

Q     What if i need to cancel a session?
A      I do ask that 24 hours notice be given for cancelations, in order that I can offer the session to someone else who may be waiting. In the event of less than 24 hours notice being given, the full fee will still be due
Q     How much does an individual therapy session cost?
A      The individual sessions cost £65 for each 50 minute session. The couples therapy costs £80 for one hour. I may be able to offer a lower rate for students or low wage earners, but have a limited number of places for this.  If you think you may be eligible for a lower rate please contact me to discuss this further.

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